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In many areas of restaurants – even at the finest steakhouse – there’s room for improvement. Maybe your beverage station can be more efficient. Maybe your check out counter needs more space. Maybe your patio can be more inviting.

At Stealth Industry Custom Fabrication, we work directly with restaurant owners, managers, and interior designers to identify operational, efficiency, safety or atmosphere issues in kitchens, dining rooms, exteriors and public spaces to create custom-made, top-of-the-line solutions that make restaurants better for employees, customers, and owners.

One restaurant owner in Texas, for example, wanted to raise his tea urns to make them easier to use. Working off his ideas, we designed and fabricated a new tea urn stand made of heavy gauge stainless steel, finished with rounded corners and smooth welds, and laser cut with restaurant logos. He was thrilled with the finished product.

We have helped other restaurants in similar ways, fabricating everything from planters to decorative light fixtures to bag organizers to signage. Almost anything you can imagine – almost anything you need – we are able to fabricate in a surprisingly short amount of time and at an affordable price. Plus, it’s all made right here in the USA.

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About Stealth Industry

We work directly with restaurant owners and interior designers to design and fabricate custom-made restaurant solutions that increase efficiency, reduce employee injuries, improve profit margins and add to the overall beauty and branded experience of the restaurant.


Here are a few examples of work we’ve done for other restaurants and businesses. Consider these thought-starters to help you imagine what’s possible in your restaurant.

Refrigerator Drip Trays for Restaurant by stealth industry.
Refrigerator Drip Trays
Credit card machine stand for restaurant.
Credit Card Machine Stand
Food transportation compliance ice caddy for restaurant.
Food Transportation Compliance
Food Labeling first use clip for restaurant .
Food Labeling



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