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Stealth Industry News

Combining Traditional Craftsmanship with Modern Technology in Metal Fabrication

Stealth Industry seamlessly merges traditional metal craftsmanship with modern technology to deliver unmatched precision and efficiency in metal fabrication.

 The metal fabrication industry has been unceasingly evolving over the past decades, and the art of traditional craftsmanship is no exception. Blending tradition with innovation, the merging of the time-honored techniques with modern technological advancements became not just a trend, but a necessity in producing unparalleled masterpieces. Stealth Industry takes pride in this seamless integration, offering extraordinary outcomes that combine the best of both worlds.

Prototyping in Metal Fabrication: Turning Concepts into Tangible Products

Stealth Industry transforms concepts into high-quality, tangible products through a meticulous prototyping process, from conceptualization to refinement, ensuring exceptional quality and performance for every project.

In the industry of metal fabrication, turning concepts into tangible products involves a thorough prototyping process. It includes a crucial phase of developing, refining, and perfecting the designs, ensuring that the finished product not only meets but surpasses the designer’s expectations. Here at Stealth Industry, we understand the significance of prototyping and its role in bringing visions to life. 

The Versatility of Corten Steel: Applications in Commercial and Residential Projects

Corten steel, known for its corrosion resistance, tensile strength, and rugged aesthetic, is a versatile material used in commercial and residential projects for architectural facades, outdoor landscaping, infrastructure, interior design, and art installations, offering enhanced durability, low maintenance, and cost-effectiveness.

In the material fabrication, innovative design, and construction industry, the use of Corten steel in both commercial and residential projects has become a trend in transforming spaces worldwide. Its rugged yet unique and refined aesthetic appeal, durability, and resistance to corrosion, made this versatile material a hit in architectural and landscaping projects. Today, we’ll explore more about Corten Steel's distinctive properties and commercial applications. 

First Quarter 2015 News - New Vertical Band Saw

Stealth Industry Customers On The Cutting Edge

DALLAS, TEXAS (April 2015) – In Stealth Industry’s commitment to giving customers the ultimate in cutting edge technology, SI’s recent acquisition of an HE&M VT100HLA-60TS vertical band saw now enables the offering to SI customers of the most extensive range of sawing parameters than ever before.  Designed for accurate high speed cutting with abilities to cut materials up to 45 and 60 degrees and capacities that range from 18” wide to 20.75” high.

Check Out Stealth Industry's New Product Line!

DALLAS, TEXAS (September 2014) – Our newest line of custom planters features construction from the Corten weathering, limited-rusting steel alloy product for use in the construction of skyscrapers, bridges, sculptures and other structures which require only limited maintenance.

The Discovery Channel Comes to Stealth Industry

DALLAS, TEXAS (July 2012) – Like any customer who needs material fabrication done at light speed, The Discovery Channel’s “Fast N’ Loud” program staff knew the reputation and capability of Stealth Industry through show producer and star Aaron Kaufmann’s familiarity with SI. The show, which features two Texas natives (Kaufmann, who hails from Crowley, and Richard Rawlings, from Fort Worth) as they operate a classic car and hot rod restoration and marketing operation from The Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas, recently found itself in need of the production of a small but essential part.



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