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Stealth Industry is your source for custom Corten or stainless-steel landscape planters, borders, walls, and garden sculptures. The beauty of working with steel is that it’s possible to make a planter or other landscape enhancement in any size or shape. Stealth can create a single planter for your home or 100 planters for a retail center. We have supplied commercial businesses and professional landscapers with solutions that have enhanced many landscapes. We are happy to ship planters via UPS or load them up on a pallet and truck ship them to you. 

Utilizing Corten steel for your landscape solutions will develop rich colors and textures as they weather and age plus act as a protective coating. Stainless steel options provide a modern appearance of metal with high resistance to corrosion and the strength of steel.

Take a look at a few of our products below. Contact us today. We’ll be happy to create something new for your landscape vision!

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