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We Fabricate ToImprove Efficiency

Small Adjustments Make Big Differences 

At almost any station in any restaurant, there's room for improvement. At Stealth Industry Custom Fabrication, we work directly with restaurant owners and managers to create better solutions for the kitchen, the office, and the dining room.

Chick-fil-A® tea urns, for example, are quality pieces of equipment. But because they sit flat on a counter, they are problematic. Refilling can be clumsy and cause breakage or injury. Filling gallon jugs is a balancing act. And with no drip tray, there's a constant need to clean and a chance employees may slip on the wet floor.

Working with CFA owner Louie Murillo in Dallas, Texas, Stealth Industry created a two-part, custom-made solution - a tea urn stand and drip tray, both made of heavy gauge stainless steel, finished with rounded corners and smooth welds, and laser cut with Chick-fil-A® logos. With these top-of-the-line, modestly-priced additions, refills are easy, gallon jugs fit perfectly and drips are under control, giving employees more time to do their jobs - make delicious chicken sandwiches and take care of customers.

We've been just as successful fabricating a full range of Chick-fil-A® products, everything from Icedream® cone holders to credit card machine stands to thaw cabinet drip trays. It would be our pleasure to serve YOU! 

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