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The Discovery Channel Comes to Stealth Industry

DALLAS, TEXAS (July 2012) – Like any customer who needs material fabrication done at light speed, The Discovery Channel’s “Fast N’ Loud” program staff knew the reputation and capability of Stealth Industry through show producer and star Aaron Kaufmann’s familiarity with SI. The show, which features two Texas natives (Kaufmann, who hails from Crowley, and Richard Rawlings, from Fort Worth) as they operate a classic car and hot rod restoration and marketing operation from The Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas, recently found itself in need of the production of a small but essential part.

A quick call to SI for another “Eleventh Hour” rush job in order to keep the show on schedule. Staying late on Thursday, July 26, SI welcomed not only Kaufmann himself, but a sound and camera crew. Kaufmann had wisely decided to allow Stealth Industry stardom through filming the entire process of replication of the needed part’s design, loading the laser and cutting the part. The part – an engine gasket – was scanned, drawn, and cut in less than an hour as Discovery Channel’s cameras recorded the entire process. Watch Stealth Industry save the day on a future edition of “Fast N’ Loud” on The Discovery Channel!



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