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First Quarter 2015 News - New Vertical Band Saw

Stealth Industry Customers On The Cutting Edge

DALLAS, TEXAS (April 2015) – In Stealth Industry’s commitment to giving customers the ultimate in cutting edge technology, SI’s recent acquisition of an HE&M VT100HLA-60TS vertical band saw now enables the offering to SI customers of the most extensive range of sawing parameters than ever before.  Designed for accurate high speed cutting with abilities to cut materials up to 45 and 60 degrees and capacities that range from 18” wide to 20.75” high.

The extreme disappointment in drilling for oil is the dry hole; but with the HE&M bandsaw, the result for the customer is always a gusher of success and pinpoint accuracy through the availability of this new piece of equipment acquired this past quarter. Its capabilities are endless. See what a terrific, accurate cutting device it is as it makes your workpiece a masterpiece!



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